Managing a salon is no piece of cake. There are so many things that you have to take care of; from the staff to the customers, it’s like juggling, and your worst nightmare is dropping the ball. The good news is that you are in for the 3 things that can really help you run things better and more conveniently at your salon.

Beyond the Customer Log

The first step in establishing a positive relationship with the client is to make sure that the salon is ready to greet them by their name. However, soon you will
realize that is not enough. Returning customers everywhere know that they are greeted with cheer when they return, so what is so special about your establishment? Make sure that along with the log, you keep a record of everything that the customer prefers and dislikes. You’ll also want to keep track of things that look good on them and those that do not. This way you will be able to foresee these things, and offer suggestions during their next visit!

The Unreliable Employee

The unreliable employee is the ghost who calls in sick at the last minute. You don’t want to be understaffed when many customers have booked appointments. Here is what you should do; initiate a private channel of communication, you need to talk it out before you assume anything. Investigate the late comings and the absences. This may also help you discover problems in your salon that you weren’t aware of.

Get a Hold of Salon Pro POS

The Salon Pro POS software is a life saver. It has multiple functions, and outperforms a couple of staff members that you would have otherwise hired. It serves as a staff manager, a customer manager by sending you necessary notifications about repeat customers, sends you analytics so you can make informed business decisions, helps you run marketing campaigns, and allows you the freedom to work from anywhere you like. Salon Pro POS will be your new best friend.

Of course, running a salon will take more than these three steps, but it’s great place to start. Try a demo of Salon Pro POS today!

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