One of the biggest hurdles faced by salons in making it big is the fact that their product “haircuts and

treatments” just cannot be branded. So when it comes to attracting and retaining loyal customers to the

business, things get a bit challenging for salon owners – regardless of how talented they are.

Even without the branding, there are several different ways to overcome this marketing hurdle. We

bring you 3 ways to get your salon trending in a short time span.

Signature Haircuts

You’re talented, you know your way about the haircutting business – come up with different funky

haircuts that define your salon. Offer something new for the punks, the Goths, the sophisticated girls,

and the girls next door. We’re not saying that these hairstyles will not be copied by your competitors,

but by the time they are, you can come up with something new to offer you clients. Creativity is key!

Offer to photograph your clients with their new ‘dos so they don’t have to strain to take selfies. Better

yet, take before and after pictures of their old and new hairstyles. Ask permission to post their photos to

your Pinterest and Instagram accounts and you will have an unending source of free social media

content and models!

Throw in a “Weekly Deal”

Things like “free protein treatment with a haircut” or “Bring a friend – get 2 haircuts for the price of

one” can work wonders when it comes to attracting customers and making them keep coming back to

you. Offer deals like these every week or make it two weeks in a month given your business’ standing.

Keep rotating the deals and inform clients in advance about them using social media and sms marketing

whenever you can. Offer these deals on sites like Groupon, Yelp deals and Living Social to reach a larger

client base.

Use Review Solicitation Tools

Salon software that can monitor and manage customer reviews is extremely handy if you have an online

presence. Reviews drive traffic to your business’ landing pages and help them rank better in search

engines like Google. A Harvard Business School study found that a 1-star increase in Yelp rating leads to

a 5-9 percent increase in revenue. Salon software can help promote good customer service practices by

immediately responding to customer queries and complaints; and subsequently keep any negative

reviews about your business from hitting the internet.

The salon POS software by SalonPro POS is one such tool. SalonPro POS monitors your salon’s

reputation across more than 90 review sites and promptly notifies you if someone is talking about your

business online. This gives you the opportunity to protect and grow your reputation online as

opportunities arise.


So, do you think you are ready to get your salon trending?

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