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"SalonProPOS rocks! Easily drag and drop appointments, and generate bills and invoices. Deposits come right into my account and are always 2.75%! I couldn't be happier with these guys

Jenny @ Salon Envy

"Salon pro makes my life easy. We have 4 stylists and this system makes it easy fro me to keep them booked, send out reminders and generate additional revenue with tips.

Tiffany @ Salon Amelia

"We were paper and pencil before this. Literally everything was near impossible to keep track of. I love how SalonPro combines both the scheduling tools and point of sale system. Not to mention their email marketing features that help us bring back existing customres. Love this app!

Juan Carlos @ Rejuvenate Spa & Salon

"This system saves me about 10 hours a week. SMS and email reminders keep customers punctual and their support team is always on chat standby if i have any issues. Go SalonPro.

Rebecca @ Tweed Barber