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Last Updated July 2019

Gross Margin Reports

Gross margin reports will take your business to the next level as you'll be able to track how much profit you're making on each service. SalonProPOS tracks your total revenue and total costs to find your gross margin so you don't have to. We determine your costs through inventory and labor costs. Understanding your costs and gross margin is absolutely critical for a salon business. Through gross margin reports, you'll be able to focus on your craft while letting us do the complex calculations for you!

Outbound Call Recording Available

This new feature for SalonProPOS unlocks another capability for the salon industry. With outbound call recording, depending on state legality, you can record phone calls with potential and returning customers to better prepare yourself for the next call. This is a powerful tool to help make sure you are always putting your best foot forward.

Create Reminders for Contacts

Let us remember so you never forget! This brand new feature designed specifically for SalonProPOS allows you to create reminders for your contacts. Just like you need reminders in life, you need reminders in the salon business! Never forget what you need to know again.

Push Notices for Low Inventory Levels Reached

Stop running out of inventory and start making the most of your unique SalonProPOS software! This new update allows you to set notifications for inventory. This way, you'll never run out of inventory again. Keeping track of inventory is crucial for the salon industry. To learn more about this awesome feature, click here.

Canadian Support Launched

Punchey and SalonProPOS are always trying to expand and reach the most possible consumers we can. We believe that our company provides far away and the best point-of-sale system on the market, and its our goal to bring it to as many businesses as we can. With us on your side, your salon will never be the same. Now with Canadian Support, SalonProPOS can help a whole new country of small businesses.

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