SalonProPOS's Newest Features

Last Updated February 2019

Click 2 Call

Why use your antequated phone system when you can call customers from your business line with the click of a button? SalonProPOS has introduced "Click 2 Call" features that enable outbound calling directly through our software platform. Every call will be recorded and documented in the system as well, for easy access in case you forget details about your salon appointment you just set up over the phone. To learn more about SalonPro's Click 2 Call feature view our "How To" article.

Cash Management Controls

Using SalonProPOS cash management control, you have full ability to keep track of the cash and check transactions keeping responsible every employee who handles money within your salon business. Looking to easily organize, but skip the drawn out closing process? Are you a small, or owner-operated business? Well, SalonPro makes it easy for you to turn these Click here to learn how to toggle these settings on and off.

Adjust Ledger Using Credits

Some of your salon customers may have credits applied to their account from gift cards or other similar scenarios. If you have a customer with a balance due on their invoice ledger, SalonProPOS now allows you to use any unapplied credits that they may have to adjust the invoice balance. This saves time that you may have spent trying to track down a customer for payment, while at the same time keeping the bookkeeping in order. To learn more about applying credits to satisfy a customers ledger, view our "How To" article.

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