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Form Integration

SalonProPOS has introduced the ability to create custom forms that integrate directly with your software. This allows for salon customers to send forms from any url, for instance a page on your website or an iPad/tablet apps. No more wasting time manually entering information that customers write on paper before salon appointments. Examples include website lead generation forms, on-site client intake forms, information requests. Drastically cut down on duplicate data entry by having all information digitized and sent through the same platform. Common form integrations include WuFoo, Survey Monkey, TypeForm, Google Forms, and JotForm.

Smart Number Routing

On vacation, changing locations, or want after hour calls to route elsewhere or a cell phone? Now the SalonPro Software allows editing of your destination number and switches call routing in real time. Never miss a salon customer call or potential client with Smart Number editable routing.

Inbound Smart Number Porting

Want to auto log all inbound calls in your database? Now you can port your existing, publicly facing number to SalonPro and automatically record and sync all salon calls with your cloud database. You're fully in control of your number, but now customers automatically show up making salon scheduling and tracking a breeze.

Customizable SMS Appointment Reminders

SMS Text Message & Email Reminders for your salon appointments! Using a smart templating language you can dynamically include customer first name, last name, appointment date and appointment time to craft a tailored message

Message Center

See and manage all your customer communications in one spot. Where you're following up with prospects or managing existing client relationships you can now use SalonPro's message center to easily communicate with your contacts.

Company Wide Customer Texting

Customer love to text. Some millenials don't even know how to make a phone call ;) SalonPro now provides complete text and corporate SMS services integrated into your account. All texts come from your corporate phone #.

Get a Smart #

Minimize the data entry and ensure all communications are tracked in one spot. New Smart #'s from SalonPro sync inbound calls and automagically create contacts in your system when the call comes in.

Quick click contact additions

Fix form submission for New Contact from the header dropdown allows you to easily add a salon customer to your SalonProPOS database.

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