Scheduling System Feature Releases

Staff Scheduler Tool

Manage staff schedules in SalonProPOS software. Help your front desk and reduce errors by adding your staffs schedule to your calendars. Never book an employee when they're not available.

Stylist specific scheduling

Have junior staff that aren't yet trained to provide a certain salon service? Or certain stylists that only can provide men's cuts? Select which services can be scheduled for each staff member with SalonProPOS, to avoid booking issues and confusion. To learn more about our stylist specific scheduling see our "How To" article.

Customizable Appointment Tags

Add custom tags or reminders to your salon appointments. Tags show directly on your SalonProPOS calendar so you can quickly act and remember key info.

Infraction Counts

Easily see when booking a client if they are someone that often to no-shows. An 'Infranction Count' will now show on your appointment window when scheduling.

Appointment Reminders

Avoid no shows and last minute cancellations with text and email reminders that go out the night before. Keep your staff busy and maximize your company's efficiency.

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