Salons need repeat customers more than most other businesses. People only get their hair cut from places where they trust the barbers and stylists, and generally do not go around trying new barbers if they are happy with their current salon. If you think you are losing customers, or failing to turn them into loyal repeat customers, here are 3 tips that can help:

1) Learn more about your customers

When it comes to salons, it is imperative that your barbers know as much about the customer as possible. Most people prefer going to a salon where the barbers will already know what type of hair care and styling they are interested in. Tell your employees to try to build more of a rapport with customers by asking questions and remembering the details for the customer’s next visit.

2) Discounts for repeat customers

Another great way to reward loyalty is through a discount. Here’s the simple deal; people need to go to the salon they trust. Provide your customers with a subscription feature or a discount. Tell them that if they keep coming back they need to pay a smaller amount. One type of discount that can work well is to offer every 5th visit 50% off, or something along those lines. The big reason that this idea works so well is that it locks the customer in. The next time they need a haircut they can choose to pay full-price somewhere else or pay a low price at your salon. They are going to choose you over others most of the time.

3) Get SalonPro for your Salon

SalonPro is the easiest way to ensure that people keep coming back. It’s successful because it goes beyond just being a salon pos system, and provides features that help you deliver a better service. One great thing is that it tracks customers and tells you when they should be coming back. So if someone had their hair done 3 weeks ago, you can call them up and ask if they want to set up an appointment soon. This has a huge effect on repeat customers.

You also get to store more information about the customer. SalonPro has options to insert notes about every customer. These notes will help your employees provide better services for the customers, and they will want to keep coming back again and again. You can note down the color combinations the customer usually likes, or dislikes. You can also send them targeted promotions because you’ll have so much more information about them. The salon pos system and CRM is the easiest way to create customers that will keep coming back to you.

The most important thing will always be having skilled barbers. No matter what promotion you run, people will not come back unless your services are excellent. Once you’ve taken care of that the above 3 ideas will help your business soar

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